Dørholdemag.Væg 50kg. m. Anker

The 1350/1360 series is a range wall mounted electromagnetic door retainers that offers the user

a choice of holding strengths.

Robust and simple to install, they are ideal for a wide range of applications such as nursing homes,

hospitals, schools and industrial premises.

Doors can be held open under normal conditions and then automatically released in the event of a

fire alarm activation.

• Versatile holding settings

• High holding force

• Low current consumption

• Release button and protection circuit

• Adjustable damping keeper plate

• Protection diodes as standard

Holding Force 25-50Kg 245-490N /50-100Kg 490-960N

Voltage 24Vdc

Current 25-45mA / 40-100mA

Mounting Wall mounting / Floor bracket available

Housing Material Steel / ABS cover

Temperature Range 10°C to +55°C

Protection IP40

Weight 800g / 1000g

Body Colour White / Black



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